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Need a professional tree service in Deland? Deland is home to many wooded neighborhoods, parks, and commercial shopping centers. SB Tree Service provides tree work for homeowners, commercial properties, restaurants and parking lots. We have built quite a reputation beyond our homestead in Port Orange and have been requested by highly esteemed commercial property management companies all over Volusia County.

SB Tree Service will provide you with a free estimate for all your Deland tree service needs. We are happy to help with emergency tree service, residential and commercial tree work, and stump grinding in Deland.

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Not sure what you need? Don’t worry. Our Pro Tree Care Service Company will offer our best recommendation – free of charge. Contact Us Today to schedule your no-charge consultation.

From first cut to clean up, our work is professional. Learn more about the different kinds of tree and property services we offer:

tree trimming edgewater | branchTree Trimming Deland FL

Correctly executed pruning and trimming offers a variety of benefits to trees, including improved health, increased strength, and a more sculpted appearance. Low limbs can be hazardous to pedestrians, and can lead to insect and wildlife infestations when touching roofs.
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tree removal new smynra | tall treeTree Removal Deland FL

Trees growing too close to your home can become hazardous during bad weather. Dead or weakened trees are even more unpredictable. Our professional Deland tree removal skills and equipment make for fast, safe, and damage-free removal of any size tree.
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stump grinding new smynra | saw bladeStump Grinding Deland FL

The final touch for our tree removal, Deland stump grinding is also offered as a stand alone service. The base of a stump can extend over a foot below the surface of the turf, meaning that cutting a trunk to ground level is not enough.
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brush clearing new symrna | Tree and BrushBrush Clearing Deland FL

We remove all types of brush and undergrowth, including kudzu, vines, wild scrub, and unwanted landscaping plants. We can help you comply with wildfire mitigation plans and other regulations. Dreaming of a clean, open backyard? We can clear that, too.
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