Tree Trimming Volusia County

Correctly executed pruning and trimming offers a variety of benefits to trees, including improved health, increased strength, and sculpted appearance. This kind of tree care reduces the risk of stem and branch breakage, which helps avoid damage to your home during heavy storms and hurricane season. Ask us for a Tree Trimming so we can help you prevent future property damage by:

  • Removing limbs that are hanging over your house
  • Remove excessive weight on a tree due to dead or diseased limbs
  • Pruning lower branches to help contribute to greater overall health

Canopy Lift

If a tree has branches growing too low it can be hazardous to pedestrians or cause views to be obstructed. For homeowners, low limbs touching the roof can lead to insect or wildlife infestations and moisture retention. Gnawing, boring, and wood rot damage will eventually lead to a expensive repair situation for your roof. Let us Raise the Canopy on your trees to prevent:

  • Motorists being unable to see around turns
  • Pedestrians being struck by low limbs
  • Damage from insect and wildlife infestation
  • Moisture retention near structures

Interior Tree Cleaning

The cleaning of the interior and canopy is also known as “maintenance trimming”. This kind of trimming is done for aesthetics as well as health. For this process, the tree is “thinned” to encourage sunlight to pass through it for grass or other plants below the canopy to flourish. This kind of trimming is also performed to prevent trees from hanging on or damaging fences. Interior cleaning is recommended for homeowners or property owners with landscaping below the tree canopy that suffers from lack of sunlight or an excess amount of tree leaves. If your tree has a very dense canopy or unkempt shape, consider an Interior Tree Cleaning to:

  • Let more light into your home
  • Let more sun reach your landscaping under the tree
  • Keep branches away from fences or other property accents
tree trimming ormond | Tree in Ormond Beach

This tree has been pruned regularly and received interior canopy cleaning. Image courtesy of Ormond Beach customer John L.