Tree Removal Ormond

A tree growing too close to your home can unexpectedly become hazardous during high winds and thunderstorms. Underground, the root system can crack driveways, foundation slabs, and water mains. In a situation like this, a tree removal is always recommended, even if the tree is healthy. Dead or weakened trees are just as dangerous, and are more unpredictable in heavy weather.

Before and After
Tree Removal New Symrna | Before and After photos of storm clean up

Before and After: SB Tree Service cleaned up debris from a tree that fell on an Ormond Beach home during a storm. We remove tree of all types and sizes.

Tree Removal Daytona

SB Tree Service has the professional skills and equipment necessary to quickly and safely remove trees of any size without damaging your property. Our experienced team first cuts the canopy away in sections, then cuts down the trunk in pieces until it is flush with the turf. We finish by grinding the stump, which can extend over a foot below the surface. All debris is chipped into mulch. Signs you need a Tree Removal include:

  • Tree growing too close to a home
  • Leaning trunk or uplifted roots
  • Large cavities (holes)
  • Tree has been struck by lightning
  • Excessive moss, fungi, or evidence of disease
  • Rotten areas, soft spots, or dead limbs
tree removal edgewater | Diseased trees with cavities and evidence of wood rot

Tree Service New Smyrna

SB Tree Service follows all laws and ordinances concerning tree removal and property services. We take care of obtaining all necessary documents when a permit is needed for removing your tree. Contact Us today for a free estimate on tree removal in Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange, New Smyrna, Edgewater, Deltona, Deland, Orange City and all of Volusia County.

tree removal port orange | Removing a Washingtonian Palm