Stump Grinding New Smyrna

After we use our stump grinder it’ll be like the tree was never there. Stump grinding is the final touch for our tree removals but is also offered as a stand alone service. Tired of hitting those old stumps with the lawn mower? Give us a call and we’ll get them out of your way for good.

Stump Grinding New Smyrna | Grinding a stump with professional equipment

Stump Removal Port Orange

Besides being a tripping hazard, stumps can attract insects such as termites, boring beetles, and ants. These pests can eventually migrate to your home or other surrounding structures. Additionally, large tree stumps take up space that could otherwise be part of a path, landscaping, or a patio area. New sprouts can even grow from old stumps, which could lead to another round of tree removals since some species grow in clusters from a central root system. The base of a stump can extend over a foot below the surface of the turf, meaning that simply cutting a tree off at ground level is not enough. Stump Grinding is advised for:

  • Simplifying lawn care
  • Removing outdoor tripping hazards
  • Discouraging wood-boring insects
  • Preventing new growth from the stump
  • Creating a smooth turf profile
  • Making room for new outdoor features

Watch below to see how easy a stump removal is with our professional stump grinding equipment.