Professional Tree Services

Mulching Volusia County

We remove and haul away all debris from every work site – our clients never have a mess to deal with afterward. Trimmed tree branches and other debris are reduced to mulch on site using our chipper. We include this service with every job. Alternatively, if you already have a large amount tree debris you’d like to get rid of, we are available to come chip it for you. We happily perform storm cleanups.

SB Tree service truck and chipper | Tree Service Edgewater

Tree Work Volusia County

Clients are always welcome to keep the mulch when we’re done with the work; otherwise, we give the mulch away for free to the closest address on our Free Mulch List (see more details below). Call our main office or contact us if you’d like to get on the list. The mulch produced from our tree work has many benefits:

  • 100% natural chipped wood, free of dyes and chemicals
  • Made entirely of trees from the Volusia County area
  • Helps retain moisture in landscaping beds
  • Durable ground cover for driveways, playgrounds, and dog parks

The exact content of the mulch varies, and often includes multiple species of wood. Typically species are oak, cedar, pine, camphor, and magnolia. We do not chip palm trees, palm fronds, or debris that is infested with insects/fungus. Fresh mulch usually contains green leaves and other natural plant debris. However, after a few days all green material will dry up and turn brown, leaving the mulch a beautiful and uniform natural brown color. We use this mulch for our own driveway at headquarters!

Tree Work Volusia | Our mulch driveway at the office
Tree Pruning and Mulching | Close-up of mulch chips

Free Mulch List

If you’d like to be on our free mulch list, just visit our contact page and fill out the form with your information or call the office. When we’re doing work in your area, we’ll call those on the mulch list who are closest to the job site. We’ll ask where you’d like the mulch to be dumped, and whether you’d like to remain on the list to receive more mulch in the future. Please be advised that every delivery contains approximately 24 cubic yards of mulch, (a pile about 6ft wide and 6 feet tall), that we cannot accommodate partial loads, and that we cannot accept payment in return for deliveries to specific locations.

Tree Service New Smyrna | One delivery of mulch = 24 cu. yards