Brush Clearing Daytona

Need more open ground space? We remove all types of brush and undergrowth, including kudzu vines, wild scrub, and unwanted landscaping plants. Vegetation too close to a home can retain moisture and pests: a situation easily remedied if caught before damage occurs. Brush clearing can also be an important factor in wildfire mitigation. For homeowners with a lot of wild vegetation and trees close to their home (called wildland-urban-interface communities, or WUI by the Florida Forest Service), reducing the height and amount of flammable plant material is necessary to lower the risk of wildfire spread during droughts.

Brush Clearing Daytona | Clearing Kudzu and Scrub
Before and After: To help this Palm Coast client comply with a Wildfire Mitigation Plan, we removed built up kudzu and overgrown palmettos that were too close to the home.

Brush Clearing New Smyrna

For both residential and commercial properties in Florida, invasive plants can be a big problem. Kudzu, the invasive vine that blankets swaths of trees, will choke out both trees and undergrowth by depriving them of sunlight. Kudzu grows quickly, so once it has been identified as overgrown, it is essential to get it removed as soon as possible. Brazilian pepper trees and bamboo are also high on our list of invasive species removals.

Brush Clearing New Symrna | Before & After: Cutting Back Scrub
Before and After: Overgrown coastal scrub vegetation was cut back from this New Smyrna Beach property to make lawn care more manageable. Scrub plants are very resilient and can become too dense if not kept in check.

Brush Clearing Port Orange

Your trees and plants don’t have to be dangerous or invasive to merit removal – if you’re just tired of mowing around old landscaping arrangements or want those wild palmettos cleared out for a more open lawn, we have the machines and manpower to get it done quickly and easily. Our Brush Clearing service is recommended for:

  • Vegetation growing too close to a home, path, or drainage area
  • Removing flammable vegetation for a wildfire mitigation plan
  • Preventing invasive plant overgrowth
  • Creating more open space outdoors

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