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Remove Unwanted Plants for More Space

At SB Tree Service, it’s a given that we remove trees. But did you know we remove other vegetation, too? Tree undergrowth, excessive wild scrub, and unwanted landscaping are all easily dispatched by our crew. There’s plenty of reasons to get rid of unwanted vegetation, but most often we find that our clients are just looking to simplify their yard care and open up new possibilities for their property.

Long grass

Back Yard Dreaming

Ever find yourself staring out your window at a bunch of mismatched plants taking up too much space in your yard? They might be the boring, generic shrubs that came with the house, or tropical specimens you used to enjoy but have lost their luster. Maybe it’s a dead tree that doesn’t look that bad… but doesn’t look that great, either. Do you wish you could just clear it all out and start over with a blank canvas?

We know that feeling, which is why our removal services mean more than just tree removal.

Get more open space   Get more open space

Before + After: Clearing plants and trees for more open space.

tree and plant removal   stump grinding in backyard   smooth backyard profile

Make More Space

Open up your outdoor entertaining space by removing dead trees or old landscaping arrangements. We bring the muscle and the machinery to alter your yard any way you want. At this property we took out a dead tree, several Hawaiian Ti plants, and a small tree in a landscaping arrangement. We used the stump grinder to completely remove the tree stumps so that one area was ready for different landscaping and the other could become green turf again. Our professional crew does the hard work so you can just kick back and relax.

Show It Off

What will you do with so much open green space? A pool maybe? A storage shed? What about a beautiful patio area? Skip the night out on the town and host an evening with friends in your own outdoor entertaining space. Even if you’re just looking for a quiet space of your own to unwind after a long day at work, we like the idea of a DIY custom fire pit, like the one we found in this tutorial, for entertaining friends and relaxing with family. Adaptable to your preferences for size and materials. Or, if you don’t want to get too complicated, get inspired to create a garden path or add some new landscaping.


Get Started

No matter what your dream is for your backyard, our crew has the skills and know-how to help get things started. We remove trees big and small, trim branches, grind stumps – and do it all to your exact specifications with integrity and honesty. Give us a call at (386) 320-3056 and share your vision for a beautiful backyard.


Removing trees and underbrush to make an open path.
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