Tree Removal

Before & After: Edgewater, FL

Privacy plants are a great way to separate your property from your neighbor’s without committing to construction work. Leafy shrubs and bushy trees provide a natural screen that also accents the border of your yard.

However, sometimes these plants can get a little out of control living on the edge, and end up being an unshapely nuisance for you and your neighbor. That’s where SB Tree Service can help you out.

Before & After images of trees removed along a fenced property line

At this property in Edgewater, FL, we removed two trees that had overgrown their boundaries plus one that was dead. For their height, their proximity to the homes on either side of the fence was a bit too close for comfort. Should a storm blow through, these trees could easily cause extensive damage if they fell on the roof. A dead tree is especially unpredictable in bad weather.

We not only cleanly removed the trees, but also trimmed up the palmettos for a neatly groomed appearance. Now, these neighbors share a modern-looking border of palms that is safer and easier to maintain.

SB Tree Service removes trees quickly and cleans up completely. We have extensive experience working with commercial and residential properties alike. Talk to us about your tree care needs today by calling 386-320-3056 or schedule a free estimate online today.

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