Before and After images of a pine tree removal.

Mature Pine Tree Removal

Before & After: Volusia County

A perfect front yard removal of a tall, mature pine tree and its stump. Our skilled specialists assessed this tree as having some signs of disease, as well as Virginia Creeper beginning to get unwieldy in the upper branches. If not kept tightly under control, Virginia Creeper vines can get out of control and eventually choke the host tree. Though the vines are pretty, they should never be allowed to grow further up a tree than you can reach to keep them trimmed back.

This pine tree presented the additional hazard of being located too close to the property owner’s and neighbor’s homes. If the tree were left to decline, limbs could have fallen and caused damage to the homes. Plus, as everyone knows, pine trees shed needles constantly. The needles can clog gutters, stain driveways, and deposit sap on cars parked under the tree. If this sounds like your property, consider removing any pine tree that is growing too close to your home.

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