Before and After images of a cedar tree removal

Cedar Tree Removal

Before & After: Volusia County, FL

A tricky tree removal expertly handled by the SB Tree Service crew. At this Volusia County property, an Eastern Red Cedar tree was growing against the fence in the backyard. We secured the limbs with ropes and carefully cut branches off to control the debris. Our Kubota tractor was stationed on the other side of the fence to catch branches and clean up quickly. After taking down the trunk, the stump was ground – all without damaging the fence.

A tree very close to or touching a fence is hazardous. If left in place, the tree could grow large enough that its girth puts pressure on the fence. Cracked or broken posts or fence planks will result. Alternatively, strong winds can cause low limbs to rub against the fence and incur damage. Other hazards include: wood-boring insects, which will readily migrate if trees or plants are touching the fence; and wood rot at the base of the fence due to moisture from trees or plants that are too close.

Check out the information on our Interior Canopy Cleaning service, a kind of maintenance trimming that is helpful for keeping trees trimmed safely off of fences. When the situation can’t be remedied by professional trimming, read more about reasons you should remove a tree for safety – regardless of the tree’s health.

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